Add folders that is tied to phpbb3 grouprights = ?

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Add folders that is tied to phpbb3 grouprights = ?

Post by JohanLM » Fri May 15, 2009 10:21 am

Hello all,

I am curious and wonder if there is a way to add a folder (or several) to the phpbb3 and then connect various rights those folders?
As in
  • Folder1 only allows group1 inside it to download or look at the various files/documents.
    Folder2 only allows all registered to the forum to enter and use php script X (like a photoalbum or whatnot)
I seen phpbb3 portalsystems manages somehow to add rights to it's various blocks, but I don't want a whole portal to get this function.
To add a .htaccess file is not really hard either, but with alot of members then that kinda is out of the question.

Is it possible, does something like that allready exists?


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