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Register *after* posting

Posted: Tue May 26, 2009 2:33 pm
by Twill
Does anyone know of a mod (I can't find one) or someone willing to code a mod which only asks a user to register or log in after they have typed their post and pressed submit?

Currently for a logged-out user the posting method is:
New Topic->login/registration->Accept terms->fill out forms->possible activation link->return to index page->return to forum->New Topic->type post->submit

by this point many people have probably given up.

I would like to possibly have the following flow:
New Topic->Type post->Submit->login/registration->accept terms->forms->activation link->post goes live

This gives more incentive to complete the registration because you already filled everything out.

Possible ways this could be done:
  • hold posts by guests in a duplicated version of the moderation queue and have the activation link double as a release post link.
  • OK, that's my only thought, sorry, not a techie.
Thanks for any support you can give