Limit topics per x day

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Limit topics per x day

Post by Avdon »

In my board ( there are roles of limits new topics per forum by user, something like:
  • forum id "1": user can post new topic every 3 days.
  • forum id "4": user can post new topic every 9 days.
So I need that to be performed automatically. Maybe through an option "New topic by user per: ... x ...days" can be set by admin on ACP----Manage forums----Edit forum.

I think it's more important than mod "limit posts per day".

I need this mod so much. I have a really really really hard times, over two years, trying to manage that manually (calculating topics, deleting topics, warning users, and much more..) or by unsuccessful (or limited)modifications.

I hope it can be done and someone work on it.
I'll be so grateful for you to accomplish this mod.

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Re: Limit topics per x day

Post by vsabah »


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