Simple Points alternative?

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Simple Points alternative?

Post by Natural-Hazard »

I've been happily using the Simple Point's mod for phpBB3 for a while now. I've recently updated my forums and as such needed to reinstall the points system (as well as a few other mods), however when I went to the forum to redownload the installation guide I found that it is listed as a dead link.

I'm left with two options really,
1) Does anybody still have the latest release knocking about anywhere?
2) Does anybody know how I can use Handyman's Cash MOD instead, however still keep the points my users have earnt?

The latter would be most preferable as their are a few other mods I would like that require that mod.
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Re: Simple Points alternative?

Post by Mircea007 »

i use ultimate points it works perfect for me
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