[Request] Classic Post Mod

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[Request] Classic Post Mod

Post by gussie »

We have been using phpBB since 2002, and we have an active community with broad readership in our country (Taiwan). Every now and then, someone posts something that many of us consider a true "classic" - you can see examples of what I mean here: http://www.forumosa.org/classic-posts - this is a page on our blog. When someone emails us and says, "This is a classic post", we will edit the blog page, and then go back to the post and add an image that identifies it as a "classic post", like this:


I would like to see a phpBB3 modification that allows our moderators to do this as part of their toolset. There would be a page that lists all of the posts that are deemed "classic posts" by a moderator. Maybe the function could be added to the MCP - when the moderator selects it, an image (like the one above) appears in the post - this image could be a link to the Classic Post listing. A PM could be automatically sent to the author of the post to inform them that their post has been recognized. Oh, and that post should be locked so it cannot be edited in the future. A bonus would be to include it as a feature of the search function.

If there is something that can accomplish most of these things already, please let me know :ugeek:
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