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Cash and Shop Mod Combo

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:33 pm
by kirinelf
This may probably be asking a bit much, however, there is currently a (number of) mod(s) that I would like for my board. This is a breakdown of what I have been able to gather view searching through the forum:

What I'd like for the 'Cash Mod'.
A1) It has to support multiple currencies.
A2) Currencies should be able to be turned on and off for each forum. i.e. Soul Points (Bleach currency) are gained in one (or more) forum while Digicode (Digimon currency) is gained in another. Also a possibility to gain more than one type of currency during posting. i.e. Posting in a certain forum will net the user both Soul Points and Digicode.
A3) Currencies should be restricted to User Groups. i.e. only someone in User Group 'Bleach' can gain Soul Points.
A4) Criteria 2 and 3 have to be able to co-exist. i.e. One user in both Digimon and Bleach User Groups can earn both Soul Points and Digicode, but can only earn SP in specified forums, and DC in another specified forum.
A5) Has to support decimal points. i.e. 0.01 Soul Points per post.
A6) Has to support 'currency per character' in a post. i.e. A ten character word post (I am your dad.) not including spaces and/or punctuation marks such as commas and periods will earn someone 0.1 Soul Points if the setting is at 0.01 Soul Points per character.
A7) Dynamic currency. When a post is deleted, currency should be subtracted to account for the loss. The same should apply for post edits; editing a post to make it longer will gain you more cash, deleting parts will lower the amount you got.
A8) NO donating or banks. Also no exchanging one form of currency for another. i.e. No exchanging Soul Points for Digicode.
A9) Notice after posting on amount of money gained. i.e. You have gained 100 Soul Points! on the 'The message has been posted/edited successfully' page.

What I'd like for the 'Shop Mod'.
B1) It has to have support for different User Groups. i.e. Someone in the Beach User Group can only see the link to the shop that sells Bleach items, but someone in the Bleach and Digimon User Groups can see two links, one to the Bleach shop and the other to the Digimon shop.
B2) Multiple shops must be supported. i.e. One shop for Bleach items, one shop for Digimon items.
B3) The user inventory shown in the UCP should likewise be shown/arranged in categories, not via item no. or alphabetically.
B4) Multiple currencies must be supported. i.e. Someone with Soul Points but no Digicode cannot buy something that requires Digicode.
B5) Requirements must be supported. i.e. To buy Bankai, Shikai must be bought/in inventory. To buy Spirit Evolution, Jogress Evolution and Biomerge must be bought/in inventory.
B6) Only able to own one of each item. Having an item in your inventory causes it to disappear from the shop menu, and trying to buy more than one at a time will throw up an error.
B7) Not allowed to sell items back to store. However, admins are able to delete items from any user's inventory.

What the current Cash Mod by Handyman (In Beta 1) has:
C1) Multiple currency support. However, there is only one type of currency that can be earned doing a specific action. i.e. Posting will only give me Soul Points, and it cannot be set so that posting in Forum A gives me Soul Points, while posting in Forum B gives me Digicode. However, it does support different currency for different functions, such as Digicode via Posting a new topic and Soul Points via replying to a thread.
C2) Cash per character is available as an option, however, it doesn't work and neither does the Cash per word option. Cash is only able to be gained via a lump sum after posting a new post and during new topic creation.
C3) Complexity in editing any given user's current amount of money. To edit, an admin has to access the MySQL database (i.e. through phpMyAdmin) and edit it there.
C4) User Group restriction. Only certain user groups can gain money via posting, however, it lacks the criteria specifically mentioned in A2 and A4.
C5) Donation. This isn't needed, and should be easily removed from the actual mod during personal editing.
C6) Currency exchanging. Same as C5; Not needed, but should be easily removed.

What the current Ultimate Points Mod by femu and Wuerzi has:
D1) Support for cash per character in posts, as stated in A6.
D2) Cash donation, same as C5 and C6. Also has a bank, robbery and lottery system, all of which are subject to the same removal due to not being needed.
D3) Lacks support for multiple currencies as stated in A1, and also inability to restrict areas of cash gain.
D4) Haven't experimented in enough detail yet, but it seems to lack the ability to restrict point gain to certain user groups, failing to comply with criteria A3.

What the current Shop Mod by Phantom 784 (In Alpha, apparently discontinued) has:
E1) Integration with Handyman's Cash Mod.
E2) Supports the inability to sell items.
E3) Supports the inability to throw away items.

What the current Shop Mod by Adrian1 (Beta 4) has:
F1) Integration with Ultimate Points Mod.
F2) Support for 'Districts', an acceptable substitute for 'categories' as stated in B2, and actually expands on options, since I can now have four Bleach shops in the one District, while another has only Naruto shops.
F3) Does not, as far as I know, contain any support for Districts viewable by certain user groups only, as stated in B1. However, F2 is an acceptable substitute.
F4) Expanding on the above however, there is no support for multiple currencies as the Ultimate Points system listed above and the Simple Points system, which Adrian1 designed the shop for, both do not support multiple currencies, which renders F2 and F3 moot.
F5) Has support for item images, an optional extra that I find enriching, but not necessary.

Currently investigating SyntaxError90's Board Integrated Market System (In Development).

The way I see it, the best way would be to code whole new modules from scratch, using the linked mods as bases. However, I lack the coding knowledge on what to do, and as a full time uni student living alone, also the time to spend cracking it. Therefore, as part of my request, I would also like maybe a guide/walkthrough, either via instant messengers or posts on what to do and how to do it.

I understand that this request might be a bit much, but due to the lack of support in each thread, probably due to real life issues of the authors, it leaves a coding newbie like me with little place to go save here.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Cash and Shop Mod Combo

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2009 1:06 am
by Sam
The most interesting thing about the shop mod and cash mod is that they never come in pairs. :P

Although there is no download yet, I am currently working on my Integrated Market System, which will have a cash mod.

Re: Cash and Shop Mod Combo

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2009 1:41 am
by kirinelf
That I already know, or guessed. From what I've read through Handyman's Cash Mod's 107 page thread (Took me the better part of a day, and some of the posts in there wouldn't have to be posted if they'd just read the dang thing), the Cash Mod has hooks like $cash that let other mods such as gambling/shop mods use their functions. This is why I've listed the functions I'd like each to have separately. However, I am completely new to coding and scripting in general, so while I might get ideas and stuff, as well as have a general idea on how things work, I'm far from being able to code something from scratch or even modify something as drastically as what I need.

Hmm. I like the sound of your mod, but I wonder if it will have all the features I need. I'm not asking you to implement them, rather, I think I'm asking you how I can do them myself. The more I can learn, the less I have to bother others. I'll be keeping an eye on it.

By the way, love your DP. Don't play Team Fortress 2 myself, but I know about the vids. xD

Re: Cash and Shop Mod Combo

Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:34 am
by kirinelf
Bumping IS allowed after six hours, isn't it?


Despite SyntaxError90's generous help, I'd like to hear of as many options as possible.

Re: Cash and Shop Mod Combo

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2009 4:58 pm
by kirinelf
Bump. Edited first post with more info.

If the creators or actual users of the mods listed in the first post notice a mistake in the features, please don't hesitate to post.