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Multi language Forum

Post by APRESTO »

We like to have an international Forum.
So that every post is being made in 3 languages (or more).
The author choose his native one.
The other translations are being made by Google Translate. After that the author may improve it if he finds it useful.

For example the native French author makes his post in French. He pushes the button "Google Translate"
Google translates it to English and Russian.
The author slightly change English version and posts.
On the board all 3 versions are shown and it is clear which version was the native one of the author.

Is it a fresh request of there are already some mods in this direction?
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Re: Multi language Forum

Post by 4_seven »

a kind of this is in [dev] status yet


- at this time bilingual. for later [dev] maybe a 3rd language is planned.
- no auto-translate feature planned (bcs. 4 prof. multi-lang-boards google- or babelfish-transl. is 2 poor)
- complete bilingual (breadcrumbs/menu/forums/topics/titles/posts/etc.)

[dev] forum:
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Re: Multi language Forum

Post by Tuxman »

Is a dev version for the wider audience planned BTW?
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