Mod Request - E-mail Log

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Mod Request - E-mail Log

Post by acecm8y »

I have been trying to investigate an e-mail issue where the forum is sending out duplicate notfications to members for PMs and subscriptions.

I feel it would be advantageous to have an e-mail log so that we can see what triggered an e-mail, date/time sent, address(es) used and subject line. This could be a resource hog so I would have this disabled by default in the ACP.
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Re: Mod Request - E-mail Log

Post by ksar »

May be you can try this.

Open includes/functions_messenger.php

Find (around line 490)

Code: Select all

			$this->queue->put('email', array(
				'to'			=> $to,
				'addresses'		=> $this->addresses,
				'subject'		=> $this->subject,
				'msg'			=> $this->msg,
				'headers'		=> $headers)
Add After

Code: Select all

		add_log ('admin','Email Sent to : '.$to.' cc : '.$cc.' bcc : '.$bcc.' Subject : '.$this->subject);
Normally you will find the sent emails on the Admin Logs

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