Switch help -> if MCP_REPORTS & U_IN_MCP

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Switch help -> if MCP_REPORTS & U_IN_MCP

Post by -ds- » Sun Dec 13, 2009 6:53 pm


I want to create a custom block on the index.php that only shows up if there are unread Reported Posts or PMs.
How do I go about creating a switch on that checks if there are any open reported items?

I presume i have to declare something like this in the index.php file?

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    'MCP_REPORTS' =>  ... function to check that returns true,
Then to show the block to moderators in the template file:

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<!-- IF MCP_REPORTS and  U_IN_MCP -->
<div class="mcp_alert">There are new Reported Files</div>
<-- ENDIF -->

and use something like the code in the mcp.php file to get the data, or is there a faster way to check if there are any unread reported items?

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* Get simple post data
function get_post_data($post_ids, $acl_list = false, $read_tracking = false) {

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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