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Limit Posts Per Day

Post by Gideon5L2F »

Please look here to see an unfinished beta where the author invites someone to finish it off. It is a very good idea!

Some boards have awful problems with unrestrained ‘swamping.’ I know of one board where a single member chalked up 27,000 posts. Other members get discouraged from posting when they see theirs drowned in a welter of replies from a few members who dominate the board.

Would someone consider developing this mod to the next level? My wish list is as follows:
  • Adjustable in the APC. At present it is hardwired.
  • Variable setting per forum. Author says this has been done but it only works globally.
  • Variable setting per group. So it might be applied to one group at a less restrictive level.
  • Differentiate between new topics and replies. For example a member (or group) may be allowed 5 replies per day (on a particular forum) but only one new topic per day.
Anyone able to do this?
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