Request edit MOD of phpbb 3.x.x

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Request edit MOD of phpbb 3.x.x

Post by » Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:50 pm

My user in propose:

A useful modification is to change the MOD attachments, which create the possibility of updating the old attachments with a new version, so do not lose the statistics.
Propose to correct the "View more emoticons" (already corrected in our translation with "Show all emoticons."
Total members with active members or members (because that is what is really being done).
Add global announcements time: the phpBB3, has ads (local) time, but not the global announcements.
Add the ability to add the Birthday field is not mandatory during registration.
Upload multiple attachment, attachment size limits for global moderators.
Quick Reply with bbcode and smile
Possible with subsilver2 Button "rapid response"
Addition of topics in prune Blocked
phpbb italian support
italian models

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Re: Request edit MOD of phpbb 3.x.x

Post by Luckyluciano » Wed Feb 10, 2010 7:31 pm

I would also add the possibility to receive the text content of private messages in the email sent.
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