Series Mod: Linking posts under a series.

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Series Mod: Linking posts under a series.

Post by doyle67 »

Hi guys,

Thank you to everyone who helps make phpBB great, and easy to use. The fact that it is still free, is amazing!

The forum I run has users often posting sequential topics along a similar theme within a section.

So a poster could start a new series of topics, and link them together via Series link.

In viewtopic, I can see there being links to the "previous", and "next" posts in that series. Also, I think there would be something in the viewforum page to acknowledge that this topic is part of a series, and provides a link to the series.

Is there anything out there that would do this already? I have searched a few keywords, and found nothing.

I have a few years experience of phpBB, but my knowledge of php is very basic. My SQL skills howerver, are reasonable.

Any advice or pointers?

I feel like it shouldnt be overly complex, and that with guidance I might be able to complete it. However, i could be very wrong. :D

Thanks all

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