Linking 2 User Databases

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Linking 2 User Databases

Post by Mogandi »

I have a request which might be complicated to manage, if possible.

I have two boards, where we have the same people registered and now i want to link both boards so that people of board a can access board b.

My idea is like that:
Install the same mod on both boards and connect them so that you can access all users from both boards over one ACP and give access rights as if it were one board.

Maybe something like this allready exists, maybe its impossible to do.
Any answer here is highly apreciated though!

Thank you.


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Re: Linking 2 User Databases

Post by quadswest »

I have the same question.

I have two boards up and running. I have the names established and don't want to ruin the name recognition with my members on either board (I want to keep the same domain name and templates on the respective boards). However, I would like members of each board to be able to see posts from the other forum. Is there a way to link the databases (they are on separate databases) so that the Index page shows the forums and the activity in the other board and vice versa?

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Re: Linking 2 User Databases

Post by Superwaffle »

I know it's possible, because on my forum we've linked the database of the forum to that of a chatroom/online game. People sign up on the forum, and use that same account for the game. Though they are on the same server, and I'm not sure how it was done.

The first question for you would be: Are both your boards on the same server?

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Re: Linking 2 User Databases

Post by Drummer »

Integrating the authentication is easy. ... on+plugins

Managing and showing as one will require too many changes. ... 2&t=210275 ... bb-boards/

But seriously, if you want it to behave as it was one, why don't you use one board only?
"Merging" the db's would give much less work IMO.

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Re: Linking 2 User Databases

Post by DavesComputerTips »

I'm no expert, but it seems to me that the forum is setup exactly the same (style, mods, language, etc) and the actual sections are different (F=2,3,4 on one and F=5,6,7 on the other) that it should work fine!

In my mind it's similar to moving your board to a new host. You move your database to the new server, upload the files to the new server and set the config on the old server to point to the new database. You then initiate your DNS changes.

My point is at times during the DNS propagation you actually have two boards using the same database!


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