Req: (Anti) Double Post mod

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Req: (Anti) Double Post mod

Post by Tim81 »

I'm seeking a mod that can do the following:

- checks the thread if the message is the same as previous one (double clicking the post button, may happen that it posts the same message twice) and then ignoring the double post.
- checks if a user is posting another message in given amount of time in a thread (say, within 3-4 minutes) (replying to his/her own message) and then, instead of creating a new post adding it to the previous one.

Configurable regarding the timecheck would be nice :)

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Re: Req: (Anti) Double Post mod

Post by Drummer »

For the first problem... phpbb already has a global flood interval.

For the second point... there is a mod with this exact name. Did you _try_ to search?


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