New topics in selected forum must be approved and...

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New topics in selected forum must be approved and...

Post by waxxie »

I tried searching but I cant find anything similar or at least can;t figure out what to call it.

I would love to have the ability to have a forum option where in a selected forum, all new topics in that forum would require a group (with permission) to approve or deny the new topics from being posted. So basically a user would create a topic as usual but it would be in a pending approval state. Once approved or denied, the user would be sent a generic or custom message.

Potential extras:
1. If denied, the author of the topic would have the option of resubmitting a revised version or deleting the topic altogether. This could be an option offered to the group with approval permissions, they could tailor the reply with the option of allowing the user to resubmit the revised version or not allowing a revision and simply deleting it.

2. They could potentially also receive or loose points in either case.

3. Ability for author of topic to turn on or off use of comments and creation of polls etc, for the topic. This gives more stickiness to the site as the authors are given more options to customize their contribution to the community.

4. Ability for topic author to insert a google ad, which site admin could control frequency of.
The admin could:
a. rotate the ad code among a list of ad codes: randomly, sequentially, by file date, set period of time etc
b. leave it up until an expiry date or specific number of days
c. leave it up with no limit
d. if no ad posted by author, pick specific from list/use all or show image w/link with details about how to join your author ad program.

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Re: New topics in selected forum must be approved and...

Post by Anyasha »

Kiss me, I'm Polish!

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