Sink replies ?

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Sink replies ?

Post by waxxie »

Does anyone have something where you could sink a reply to a topic?

For example: you have a serious discussion going and someone posts a completely off topic or derogatory post, it would be excellent for members to be able to sink the off topic post.

I'm not sure how the functionality would work but perhaps after X sink's of a post it would be hidden with css or something with the option of reading it (unhidding it) if you really felt like it.

so functionality wise:

Members other than the reply poster could sink (up or down) the reply.

Sinking it up above 0 could perhaps be used in conjunction with css to make the topic background (in topic list) change color? the more sinks up (higher count) the redder (or whatever color desired) it got. Likewise the more sink's down the greyer or less visible it would be until it dissapeared altogether after X skins down (configured in admin)

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