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jQuery Content Slider

Post by The FlyerFly »

Hi there...

I would love to incorporate a content slider element to my website, but have not had any luck finding something that is meant specifically for phpBB.

Can someone tell me if there is such a MOD? Or maybe there is something out there that is not necessarily a MOD, but can be easily be added outside of the phpBB structure and updated using an RSS feed or the like? I would even consider using something requiring a manual update, if that's the only option.

Also, any links to appropriate tutorials would be great too, since this would be my first exposure to this type of website element.

Thanks in advance!!

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Re: jQuery Content Slider

Post by 4_seven »

i dont know some specialized for phpbb3, but
http://www.google.de/#hl=de&biw=1024&bi ... 725ae37371
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Re: jQuery Content Slider

Post by Oyabun1 »

You haven’t said what content you want to slide. So, assuming it is for collapsing and expanding categories, maybe:

Expand categories Uses inbuilt JavaScript and cookies to track whether categories should be expanded or not.

Collapsible Categories with Cookies (external site) Uses jQuery and also tracks the state with cookies.

The thing to keep in mind using JavaScript is what happens if a user has it turned off (work, school, or other security preference)? Does it graceful degrade or does it stop that content from being used at all? With these MODs if, for whatever reason, JavaScript is not available the categories are expanded by default and behave as standard.

An alternative to using JavaScript:

Collapse categories
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