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MMORPG Workshop+

Post by Kalipo » Sat Jun 04, 2011 4:33 am

There are tons of MMO "neat" stuff, but nothing really supports the process of inter-guild/kinship crafted goods ordering/processing.

There simply is no love for crafters.

Guild/kinship members need consumables, but there's no way to order them besides making "request" posts on their forum. On the flip side, crafters of consumables have to view numerous topics to compile a shopping list of "who needs what".

A two-front MOD where:
  • Members (customer front) can:
    • View a complete/filtered list of goods configured in the DB
    • Submit an "order" from an image-based list of items
    • Specify quantity by dropdown for each item
    • Identify which of their characters (also by dropdown) the items are to be sent to (see "+" comments below)
  • Crafters (worker front) can:
    • View the list of orders (and filter it by craft profession - cooks only see requested food orders)
    • Task themselves to orders (to eliminate redundancy)
    • Ability to mark (close) orders based on delivery
Closed orders are purged after [ACP configured] days.

The list of items in the database are configured in the ACP & categorized.

*The "+" part represents the needed character-to-forum-account association. Basically, users would need to be able to create characters along with entering all relative character data (e.g. level, class, race, etc) in order to identify (select) the in-game requesting character. This could/would double as a guild/kinship roster.

The list of possible sweet addons is endless.

I could go on with a few more details (needed fields/categories for the workshop) but this is the meat of it. If there is interest from developer(s), I'll list the more points of what is hoped to get out of it.

To clarify...

NO this isn't based around points system/auctions on a site. This is a simple order-make-deliver system.
My MOD request: MMORPG Workshop+


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