Relative links for multidomain forum (th23_domain/prime_link

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Relative links for multidomain forum (th23_domain/prime_link

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Hi friends!

My forum has few domains. And this is a top problem :lol:

Some categories of my forum have a different domain then main forum. This is realised by htaccess (if f=35|37|72 - redirect to

Despite the fact that I put the mod th23_domain which helps with the authorization of all domains, there was a problem with links in the users messages. They are often forced to move to another domain of the same forum. Nebhodimo avoid this, why all the references to all domains of one forum must become relative.

So, mod needed:
all INTERNAL links to all forum domains in user's posts have to be relative.

I'm not programer, but it seems like easier way is toupdate one of this mods: th23_domain or prime_links.
2nd of them already recognizes internal links for all domains:

Code: Select all

* @package phpBB3
* @version $Id: prime_links.php,v 1.2.12 2011/11/04 12:05:00 primehalo Exp $
* @copyright (c) 2007-2011 Ken F. Innes IV
* @license GNU Public License
define('INTERNAL_LINK_DOMAINS', ';;;');	 // List of domains to be considered local, separated by semicolons. Example: ''

By searching on this forum i've found a lot of people who have the same problem.

If you have any idea or can do this mod by any way - please, write here or contact me by PM.

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