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Mail List Integration

Posted: Wed May 16, 2012 10:02 am
by calli82476
Dear community,

i am looking for the opportunity to integrate a mailing list into a phpBB3 Forum and the other way round. This means that every mail taht was sent to a mailing list will create a new / extend an existing thread and the other way round, replies to the forum will be sent automatically to the mailing list.

I know that there was a project, mail2forum that was capable of doing so, but actually, i was not successful in searching a replacement mod.

Is there a MOD that fulfills my requirements in phpBB3?

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,


Re: Mail List Integration

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 5:03 pm
by sgbotsford
I too am looking for this integration. My experience with forums, both with visitors and my own:

* I search for a forum related to a topic of interest.
* I sign up.
* I participate heavily for a while.
* I pick up some other interest.
* I forget to log in.

Whereas the email list that I'm a member of, get read on a continuous basis. About 1 in 20 messages will spark a reply from me.

My conclusion is that email lists create a more tightly knit community.

Forums, however allow you to see the messages threaded, and attachements can be viewed inline.
Traffic levels have a lot to do with this. Generally for a high traffic site, forums seem to be the way to go. For low traffic sites, email may be better.

Some forums diversify substantially. One, on lawn care and landscaping has 44 sub forums, and typically has 200 people logged on at any given time. I would NOT want to get an email per post there. But there may be couple subforums that I'd want to get a topic digest of.

And some people really prefer the forum interface. Some prefer the mail list interface.

I want both. At one point a few years ago, one of the guys was working on it. Had it working on his own site, but it was still in Alpha. I've searched the mods list. No joy.

I want it to be fairly fine grained.

* Subscribe to new posts for the entire board.
* Subscript to new posts for a subforum.
* Subscribe to a digest for the entire board
* Subscribe to a digest for a subforum.
* Subscribe to a new topics list digest for the entire board
* Subscribe to a new topics list for a subforum.
* Subscribe to a particular thread, and get the full text for each post.

I can also see merit in being able to run a search, then have an option,
* Email me with further matches to this search.
* Email me a periodic digest of matches to this search
* Email when a new topic matches this search.

Re: Mail List Integration

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:39 pm
by sgbotsford
One other aspect:

There are a LOT of people searching for this feature. So far, the only hits I've gotten have either been commercial ventures, or ONE OS forum -- phorum which has modules for this functionality.

(Search google for "mailing list" forum integration.


In some of the discussions I've read, the issue comes up of the problem of spamming. Faking an email address is easy.

I can the following solution to spamming, and this would also apply to email lists.

When you sign up, you are asked for a pass phrase. Email to the list or forum must contain this line by itself in the message. Before it is passed to the rest of the list, or posted to the forum, this phrase is stripped out. When a message is sent to a user, the phrase is put in again.

If someone replies to a message, with full quote, the phrase will be there, and likely be stripped with the full quote. If somoene posts, they have to remember to put in the phrase. If they forget, the list server side returns the post, asking for the phrase.

Phrases don't have to be unique. Each userid is associated with a phrase is all.

The security is no better than the security for email. But for this use it is adequate.

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