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Facebook Group to Forum

Post by kazkotx »

I am sure that many of us have seen some chunk of forum activity being lost to Facebook. At the behest of many of my subscribers, I too created a Facebook group for the board. Now I see activity there instead of my board and I see it disappear to the inaccessibility of the Facebook haze instead of safely archived on my board.

I would like to hear from those experienced in Facebook API/Integrations or related content scraping of possible methods to sync, scrape, download, digest a FB Group activity to appear onto my board database. Single direction is perfectly fine. I imagine adding a new forum category called Facebook, read-only for simplicity that crons every 30 minutes.

I can easily picture the opposite scenario. Using the digests mod, you can send a daily summary of board activity to the FB Group email where all the post links take people back to the board to read more. This is great but does not capture what happens on FB directly.

I have successfully bi-directionally synced a couple of related Yahoo groups to my board, but Facebook content and useful integration eludes me. Bi directional mirroring to FB Group would be very useful for board owners. Maybe it's time for a FB2Forum project?

Any sort of input, opinions, experience would be helpful, even starting with the basics of current best practices for FB integration with PHPBB to boost or at least preserve activity.
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Re: Facebook Group to Forum

Post by OldSkul »

Good idea! Sadly I think no one will build such feature in phpbb.
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Re: Facebook Group to Forum

Post by Soundy »

I would love to see something like this as well, for all the same reasons OP lists. I know there's a "share button" mod that forum members can use to post to their own FB/Twitter/etc. accounts... personally I'd love to see something that would post a link in the related FB group whenever a new thread is created on the forum. Something that archives Group posts into the forum would be great as well.
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Re: Facebook Group to Forum

Post by demifugue »

I too would love this, both to archive FB group activity on the board, and to make it easy for all to continue activity on the forum.
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Re: Facebook Group to Forum

Post by 0be1968 »

Here Here.... I also would like to see better integration with social media sites. Sure wish I knew how to code. With more people using smartphones and tablets and social media, forums like phpBB may soon become extinct. It may be due to FB locking things down from working outside their site, and there is also Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. We need to find a way to keep our users, or briding to other sites.

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