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Downloads Manager ( setup)

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 7:19 am
by FCproductions
Hello, I am looking for a mod that works similar to Titanium here, the downloads manager. I have searched the site and found a link to Titanium, but no instructions to install. My site is very modified, but everything works fine. Taking on a project like this is a little much for me, especially without a proper step by step to follow.

The website that I own is based on a video game, and caters to members that build maps in the game's editor. Then those maps are posted in our forums for others to view, rate and download. In an ideal scenario, the members could fill out and submit their maps with information included, and have it displayed similar to how the modifications are displayed here in the database. Including ratings, discussion, images, information, and download links.

I have searched this out quite a bit, but I only get mods that are more of a library that members just download files from. That is not what I am looking for, I am looking for something where the members set up the files exactly how authors here send in mods, and as I said they are displayed in a library format.

Here is an example of a "map post" in our forums currently. As you can see it contains similar information, or at least in the same category as what you would see in the Modification database. A more established layout is what I am seeking, one where the viewer feels like they are looking through a catalog rather than just a simple forum. I think that this set up would apply to lots of sites, and would be a great edition to the available mods here at phpbb. ... 508#p12508

Thanks for any help and consideration of this modification. Would be tremendous help!

Re: Downloads Manager ( setup)

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:38 pm
by Prosk8er
you cant see that post cause you have to be registered
site looks cool specially with kiss portal :)

Re: Downloads Manager ( setup)

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:31 pm
by FCproductions
Lol, sorry about that should of checked the link!

Fixed now. If anyone skims over the post that I have linked, you can see how the download manager Titanium would be perfect for the site.