Guestbook for 3.0.12

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Guestbook for 3.0.12

Post by Submotionsub »

I looking for a Guestbook fpr PHPBB3 3.0.12 , or a way to configure the Guestbook for Version 3.0.8

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Re: Guestbook for 3.0.12

Post by Oyabun1 »

What is "the Guestbook for Version 3.0.8"?
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Re: Guestbook for 3.0.12

Post by Jessica »

I have the Guestbook mod (if I'm thinking of the same one as you are) for my board. It works fine on 3.0.12
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Re: Guestbook for 3.0.12

Post by 5hocK »

Oyabun1 wrote:What is "the Guestbook for Version 3.0.8"?
I think the OP means this Mod: ... estbook_2/
It's a guestbook for phpBB v3.0.8
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Re: Guestbook for 3.0.12

Post by AmigoJack »

One of the support topics is even named Works great with 3.12 ! and a question. Apart from that now I understand that it is a public user profile guestbook in contrast to a generic one. Content can't be searched, tho.
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