User Guide Help?

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User Guide Help?

Post by Movie »

I am trying to use the "User Guide" and I guess I am just too stupid to follow along.

I noticed my phpbb3_sessions table in the database is 585.5 MIB so I thought I would check my sessions settings it is set at 18000 seconds, not knowing what its suppose to be set at I figured I would look in the User Guide located here ... al_config/ I tried to find the sessions setting in the user guide with no luck I used the site search and it returned "About 3,970 results" I scanned the first page the search returned and not really sure what applies to my search.

I really wish someone could develop a Mod and or Extension or BOTH that would link each option topic in the APC for example "Session length:" in the ACP to the information in the official User Manual or at least make JUST the user manual searchable so a user could search JUST the user manual for Session length:

In addition the user manual needs to be more detailed so when a user reads the user manual it does not generate more questions for users that has not been to phpbb college.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: User Guide Help?

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

the default setting for session length is 3600 seconds which is an hour.

you can change it to whatever you want.

you can also empty ( not drop ) the sessions table in the database to regain some space.

this will log out anyone that is currently logged in but they will just have to log in again.

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