Automatic Forum Subscription

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Automatic Forum Subscription

Post by bbrian017 »

Name: Automatic Forum Subscription
Description: Will Automatically Subscribe a user to a all his/her posts unless the Subscription is removed by that individual user. "Subscriptions can ONLY be removed after the post or reply has been made" Removing Subscriptions must be done a per post basis. When posting in the future he/she will be auto Subscribed again. Same rules apply when posting Replies.

Notes / Comments: Nothing. All the requirements have been laid out in the description. If you would like to become a little adventurous you can throw a master option inside the users profile turning off automatic subscriptions. But I don't want this idea, it's all about traffic!

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Re: Automatic Forum Subscription

Post by robra »

I don't know if will resolve but look this: [Request] Subscribe to Group's Forums - Needs completion.


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