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Re: Show new replies to your posts

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I like the comments you all made ​​my passion to keep learning. I like it phpBB...... :D :D
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Re: Show new replies to your posts

Post by gnomore »

gnomore wrote:Basically it is a combination of view new posts and view your posts.

Basically a query that takes all posts you have ever made and checks to see if there is any new activity on those topics. Then lists those and only those topics under a link called "View new replies to your posts".

Directly from the smf online manual it reads as such.
View unread replies to your posts – Selecting the Show new replies to your posts option displays a list of topics the user has participated in that have unread replies.

In practice it makes a huge difference in forum operation because users tend to try and "clear their list". It improves activity alot. Generally users would scan for new topics occasionally but refresh show new replies to your posts quite actively. The psychological aspect of clearing the list almost turns into a game to stay current with your discussions.

That is why my users are having such a hard time adjusting to the view your posts link. Because the list always stays.

I beseech anyone with the ability to make this happen to please act on it. For my forum it is not an "I wish" feature, it is a losing members issue to a competitors forum that runs SMF issue.

I really hope you guys add this in, as it is a default feature with SMF.
Has anyone had a chance to review this and figure out how hard it would be to create?
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Re: Show new replies to your posts

Post by _Al »

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Re: Show new replies to your posts

Post by jo3spu »


What people need is a filter that show unread posts of a topic participated by him.

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