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Post by Double_J »

stratusfyingdiva wrote: Can u give me all the URL links for all the ranks so I can upload it on my forum thanks :D

You will have to put them on your own host.
Just download the package upload them to your host and link to them. is not an image host.
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Hope this helps

Post by Winjeel »

I hope this helps. I have no idea what your level is with computers, so please excuse me.

At the top you'll see the first post by 'Styles Database Manager'

You'll see a file That 'zip' file is what you download. Click on it (left mouse button) and a window should pop-up almost immediately, wait 5 secs and save it to your computer.

Then you'll have to 'unzip' the file with a program like WinZip, or something. I don't know, but I think a program like this is included with Windows XP if you're using that.

Then make sure you read everything you can on how to install them on the forum. What I did was I had a look around and got familiar with the Administration Panel (a small little link at the bottom of the front page of the forum, you'll only see it if you sign in first)

If you have any problems you can Private Message me (the 'PM' button)
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Post by acidworm »

thanks for these ranks....i used them and i really appreciate your work
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Post by Lord Nax »

Can you tell me what font you used for the Admin and Mod ranks? I'd like to add a few ranks so it would be nice if they had the same font.
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Post by jbenfante »

If I'm using as a host. will I still be able to upload thiis to my forums?
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Post by Thatbitextra »

Nope. You could ask them if they can do it for you though.
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