New Styles not displaying in ACP

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New Styles not displaying in ACP

Post by jdtrainman » Fri Aug 15, 2008 9:38 pm

OK, I'm new but I went through the Install New Styles information in the documentation and on the website tutorials.

I downloaded the following styles:


I unzipped each and then uploaded the entire folder to the STYLES folder on my server. They are not showing up on the "uninstalled" list. The two included styles (which I have installed successfully!) are there, however.

What did I miss? PHPBB 3.0.2 in use on the message board....

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Re: New Styles not displaying in ACP

Post by OBeer-WAN-Kenobi » Fri Aug 15, 2008 11:12 pm

Hmmm...... It must be something silly...... those are always the ones that get me too. :D

Are you absolutely sure you have the whole folder ie. "acidtech" uploaded to the "" folder so that when you click on the styles folder you see another folder named "acidtech".

Inside that folder did everything upload correctly? (theme, imageset, teplate folders and style.cfg)?
I think that the ACP looks for the style.cfg file so if that's not there it won't see it for install. also, if you look in the style.cfg file (as well as the imageset and theme cfg fles in their perspective folders) you should see something like this.

Code: Select all

# phpBB Style Configuration File
# @package phpBB3
# @copyright (c) 2005 phpBB Group 
# @license GNU Public License 
# At the left is the name, please do not change this
# At the right the value is entered
# For on/off options the valid values are on, off, 1, 0, true and false
# Values get trimmed, if you want to add a space in front or at the end of
# the value, then enclose the value with single or double quotes. 
# Single and double quotes do not need to be escaped.

# General Information about this style
name = prosilver
copyright = © phpBB Group, 2007
version = 3.0.2
The "name = prosilver" (probably acidtech in your case) is what I believe the ACP is looking for.

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Re: New Styles not displaying in ACP

Post by KevC » Fri Aug 15, 2008 11:17 pm

Are you sure it's a phpBB3 style?

There's an easy way to tell if it is.

phpBB3 styles contain a style.cfg file and 3 folders called imageset, template and theme.
phpBB2 styles contain many files and admin and image folders.

You cannot install a phpBB2 style on phpBB3.
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