Adding friend and foe images

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Adding friend and foe images

Post by carita »

I would like to have images for adding a friend or a foe, instead of the text saying [ Add friend | Add foe ]
How do I replace that text with images?

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Re: Adding friend and foe images

Post by prototech »

In memberlist_view.html, find:

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<td class="genmed" align="center">[ <!-- IF U_ADD_FRIEND and U_ADD_FOE--><a href="{U_ADD_FRIEND}">{L_ADD_FRIEND}</a> | <a href="{U_ADD_FOE}">{L_ADD_FOE}</a><!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF U_REMOVE_FRIEND --><a href="{U_REMOVE_FRIEND}">{L_REMOVE_FRIEND}</a><!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF U_REMOVE_FOE --><a href="{U_REMOVE_FOE}">{L_REMOVE_FOE}</a><!-- ENDIF --> ]</td>
Replace {L_ADD_FRIEND} with something similar to:

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<img src="" alt="{L_ADD_FRIEND}" />
Do the same for {L_ADD_FOE}, then refresh your template - ACP => Styles => Style Components => Templates.
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