A Flash Image Banner in the Header

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A Flash Image Banner in the Header

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Mighty Gorgon wrote:
RATT wrote:
m30ndo wrote:
If I wanted to change the logo to a .swf file what is the path to change the file name?
That would not be enough, since SWF won't work in an IMG tag.

Better edit the overall_header.html and add the logo directly there with the proper code.

Dear Mighty Gorgon:

I did Change logos and banners (jpg and gif images) in the past, in phpBB old versions.
This is the first time I'm trying to replace and image with a swf file and this time it's getting too complicated for me to find the find the specific tags or codes. I think some tags are more complicated than older versions.

As an example, I was reading some of the instructions to change the sitelogo_small.png for a swf file and I tried some of the instructions you gave...

In my attempts, at some point I renamed (in the server) the file:
(In the phpBB3/styles/black_pearl/template/ FOLDER)

I refreshed the Internet Explorer, waiting to see the header missing or with some error... but nothing, no change, the logo and header still there.

Do you know why?

What’s the point for me to do some changes in the code of overall_header.html if when I change its name still showing no changes... I will never know if I’m doing the right or wrong steps to replace the logo for a swf file.

I assume that in:

<a href="{U_INDEX}">{SITE_LOGO_IMG}</a>

{U_INDEX} and {SITE_LOGO_IMG} are orders being pulled from another file... where it's specified what image and what text will be pulled... What's this file.. where is it?

After you explain this to me it would be very helpful if you explain these points.

1) What’s the part of the code in overall_header.html that I should modify to insert the swf.
2) How should it look after it’s modify (put any name to the swf file)
3) Where should I locate the swf file?
4) What changes I have to do if the swf file is widther than 150 pixels (sitelogo_small.png), in fact if I want my swf file to be a banner with a width of the total width of the forum. As far I can see the overall_header.html is divided in 3 columns. Should I merge it in 1?
5) Since flash player is managed by Adobe, in new sites you need to include a folder named “Scripts” which include the file AC_RunActiveContent.js needed to play your flash files. Do we need to insert this folder in any part of our forum?

In advance I really thank you for your help,
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