Theme for website, help!!

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Theme for website, help!!

Post by badhabitboy »

Hi guys am needing a bit of help, i want to change the prosilver theme to match the style of my website.

at the minute its only been tested but the theme of the whole site is going to be based on this.


These are the changes i need to do if someone would be kind enough to help.

1. I want to remove the whole header bar bit and put my own banner there, i already know how to remove the search bar so thats not a prob

2. I would like the links to be yellow & go pink when you hover over them.

3. I would like the background of this bright yellow.

4. I would like the background of the whole board to be black or to use my own background image.

5. I would like this to be black and go grey when you hover over it.

Then hopefully if someone gives me help on this i may be able to go throught the rest of the forums changing the colours myself.

Cheers in advance.

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Re: Theme for website, help!!

Post by Dheano »

If you like the current style, why don't you change the colours etc? :)

CSS editing is easy!


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