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Buziness Board 2.0 "header"

Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 6:08 pm
by williampV
Here's my question :p

this being my site upper left under the logo you see 4 picture-links (FAQ, Members, Profile, My posts) when signed upat least :p few less when not signed up. Above that i now got an Arcade text link (simple word "Arcade", nothing more), that showed up when i installed Arcade Mod RC 7.0.1 or whatever.

Now my question is, if i'd have a picture for the Arcad link, that is same size and looks like the FAQ and all buttons on the left, how and where would i need to edit stuff to instead of seeing the link "Arcade" text, i see the picture button, which is a link to the Arcade? (hope its understandable XD )

(link to cosa nostra design - creator of Buziness Board 2.0: )