Board Colour modification

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Board Colour modification

Post by ChrisCage »


Could someone advise me on where to go in the ACP too change the board colour example this board shows as Grey i need too change it from Blue to Red on my site.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

Chris L

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Re: Board Colour modification

Post by Greenweaver »

Link to board and style please? Do you not have FTP access for your board?
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Re: Board Colour modification

Post by Elitzur »

Open the following file: phpbb/styles/your-style/theme/common.css,


Code: Select all

.bg1	{ background-color: #xxxxxx;}
.bg2	{ background-color: #xxxxxx; }
.bg3	{ background-color: #xxxxxx; }
And then edit the colour code as appropriate, I hope that helps :)

You can either change this in the ACP or just edit this in Dreamweaver or Notepad++ and upload
via your FTP, that is if you have access to it.

*EDIT: Change the 'xxxxxx' to your desired colour code.


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