Duration of subsilver2 support

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Re: Duration of subsilver2 support

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sunsop wrote:It's a question of using markup correctly and semantically. Tables have always been intended for "tabular information" - not website layout. That is where the problem arises. It's not "hatred" - it's a question of using the process correctly.
Yes, but in this case (a forum), it is tabular information: fixed rows and columns.
Using tables to layout a design can bring nothing but problems where certain browsers are concerned. Layout is properly done using semantic HTML with CSS used to style the markup. Visit a site like Sitepoint sometime and read what the acknowledged experts in the design field have to say about tables and proper design.
Yes, but when people start acting as if there's something wrong with presenting tabular information in tabular form, I think we can safely say that the pendulum has swung too far the other way.
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Re: Duration of subsilver2 support

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why do some people act like it was always wrong to use tables in html markup?

before css came along, that was the only way to do it and that is what all designers used.

tables and spacer images and non-breaking spaces.

let us not forget where we came from.

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