phpBB's 1-column layout

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phpBB's 1-column layout

Post by cspielman »

I'm a newbie and thank you to everyone who has helped thus far.

Generally, all of the phpBB sites I've seen look very similar in terms of a standard 1-column layout for the actual forum portion. Of course, there are css differences, etc.

Is it possible with phpBB to have MODs in a sidebar/separate column that interact with the forums? As compared with Vanilla (I believe) and Zoho that offer 2-column forum functionality.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: phpBB's 1-column layout

Post by Sam »

Sure, it's possible. You can set widths and float div layers to one side or another. If you really want specific help, I would reocmend also opening a topic in the [3.0.x]Styles Support & Discussion forum.
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Re: phpBB's 1-column layout

Post by AdamR »

Moved to Styles Discussion. :)

- Adam
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