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Problem Whit Melankolia Style

Posted: Mon May 03, 2010 9:08 am
by Lamer4o
Hello to all i have this problem i was trying to little change the Look of the style but when i change background and stuff like that i saw 1 problem here it is
<div class="top-left"></div><div class="top-center"></div><div class="top-right"></div> ( overall_header)
<div class="bottom-left"></div><div class="bottom-center"></div><div class="bottom-right"> (overall_footer)
This code put's on Top / Bottom this
But when i remove the Code's the forum style don't have bottom or Top and its like this
and not like this
I think you know what I'm talking about,becoas on my new style it's 75% Visible and this thing (bottom and top) is 3 Pictures on 1 place ... so you get it ...
I Try putting it like this
<div id="bottom">
<img alt="" src="" /></div>
But there was like 2 Centiliter's gap
Any idea how can i fix this problem ? Like to be only 1 and not to have such a gap ... becoas with the Div Left / Center / Right it's 3 pic's on 1 place and when i remove them and put the Img571...there is this gap ... so any idea how to make it whit no gap ?