.headerbar issue

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.headerbar issue

Post by oxfordsi »


I thought i would be able to handle this issue but after an hour i'm confused as to what's going wrong..

I have created a logo in which the background colour is identical to the colour #ECD5D8. This is the same colour thats used to show the forum rules (like the one above)

Obviously a pinky colour on top of the default blue gradient style would look awful so i went about trying to change the CSS for .headerbar to look like this:


Code: Select all

.headerbar {
	background-color: #ECD5D8;
	color: #FFFFFF;
Here i removed the background image and changed the background colour. I have since refreshed both the cache and theme, imageset and (just for the sake of it) the template and there appears to be no change at all. I have used the inspector in google chrome and the CSS is still showing as the same as default.

Any idea as to whats going wrong?



** EDIT **
I've just gone to log out of my forum to find that the temp screen confirming i've logged out changes the area in question to the colour i'm wanting but as soon as the temp screen disappears back to the forum it's blue again!

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