[REQ] Generator script logo phpBB3

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[REQ] Generator script logo phpBB3

Post by murnauvsbuñuel »

i think that the font logo in phpbb.com is named "Cocon"

:idea: ¿? is possible that someone can begin a generator script logo to prosilver phpBB3 with a form where...:

1) where you can write any text in the title and description logo
2) where you could select what the color that you want to put in logo title and also select a different color to description
3) where You could select the size (in pixels) of description and title too

and then after fill the form fields, you will get a logo with all the configurations specified and with the format, gradient and the shadow behind the letters.

any similar to Aphrodite Logo Generator to phpBB2

sorry for my bad english i am spanish.
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