Any Style Sensei's Available?......

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Any Style Sensei's Available?......

Post by K2-Kelly »

Hi All;

This rookie has much to learn about phpbb's let alone making a style. What I'm looking for is someone who is well versed in building styles, and might be willing to simply answer a few basic questions here so I can get my forum to a modest point style wise, and in the process not eat up my first year of hosting service learning and make my husband even more upset with me as I spend hour upon hour trying to learn what is amounting to nothing (just running in circles).

Most of my questions I'm guessing are probably rather basic modifying subsilver, like how to add a overall background, how to change a font, how to change colors and so on.....So I'd like to be able to ask as an example "how/where do I change "x" color" and get a direct answer, and doing so with a few basic items in the end having the forum look the way I wish in a minimum of time.

Naturally, credit as to theme/style building will be added and kept on the forum.....Just really needing some help this all so overwhelming.

Thanks for any replies,

K2 / Kelly Kristian


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