General Question About Style Editing.......

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General Question About Style Editing.......

Post by K2-Kelly »

Hi All;

I've noted something in virtually every post here, and am not sure if it simply stems from tried and true ways of doing things or if there is a reason.....

That being, when "how to change" many things are suggested, instead of stating "go to Styles tab > Themes > Edit" and editing the stylesheet.css, most responses state "pull up this or that .css (ex. colours.css, or content.css) etc. and edit that instead................Why?

Now I have noticed that when I alter the stylesheet.css, it does nothing for the others (IOW does not automatically change them as though it is generated by them)...........So do I need to change both, just one or the other, what and why?

Lastly, should I be editing the various files, then hit "refresh" to alter the stylesheet.css, as it seems to be kept in the "database", and not the file system, and when seeing what it does if I move it I get the following warning/refusal "....."The theme requires that its stylesheet is parsed. This is only possible if it’s stored in the database."

Thanks for your response,



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