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Post by r34p3rex »

after taking a look at the mod file, i see it only opens the subsilver skin. i have the subblack skin, is that the problem?
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Post by HSorgYves »

First I want to reissue and confirm the problem with double slash in real path. This problem was already issued by Vryce. I use the following code which works fine for me (i mainly modified the last line and added the one above):

File: includes/functions.php

Code: Select all

function real_path($url)
	global $board_config;
	$server_protocol = ( $board_config['cookie_secure'] ) ? 'https://' : 'http://';
	$server_name = trim($board_config['server_name']);
	$server_port = ( $board_config['server_port'] <> 80 ) ? ':' . trim($board_config['server_port']) . '/' : '/';
	$script_name = preg_replace('#^\/?(.*?)\/?$#', '\1', trim($board_config['script_path']));
	$script_name = ( $script_name != '' ) ? $script_name . '/' : '/';
	return $server_protocol . $server_name . $server_port . $script_name . $url;
Second I want to reissue and confirm the problem with screen names whose format contains a space and which can be found in vanilla phpBB (version 2.0.14) as well. This problem was already issued by Chad711 and said to be solved by a friend of his. However I can't confirm his solution. I use the following code which works fine for me (the string is changed to lower case at the same time):

File: viewtopic.php:

Code: Select all

		$aim_img = ( $postrow[$i]['user_aim'] ) ? '<a href="aim:goim?screenname=' . str_replace(' ', '', $postrow[$i]['user_aim']) . '&message=Hello+Are+you+there?"><img src="http://big.oscar.aol.com/' . str_replace(' ', '', strtolower($postrow[$i]['user_aim'])) . '?on_url='.$images['icon_aim_online'].'&off_url='.$images['icon_aim_offline'].'" alt="' . $lang['AIM'] . '" title="' . $lang['AIM'] . '" border="0" /></a>' : '';
File: privmsg.php:

Code: Select all

	$aim_img = ( $privmsg['user_aim'] ) ? '<a href="aim:goim?screenname=' . str_replace(' ', '', $privmsg['user_aim']) . '&message=Hello+Are+you+there?"><img src="http://big.oscar.aol.com/' . str_replace(' ', '', strtolower($privmsg['user_aim'])) . '?on_url='.$images['icon_aim_online'].'&off_url='.$images['icon_aim_offline'].'" alt="' . $lang['AIM'] . '" title="' . $lang['AIM'] . '" border="0" /></a>' : '';
File: includes/usercp_viewprofile.php:

Code: Select all

$aim_img = ( $profiledata['user_aim'] ) ? '<a href="aim:goim?screenname=' . str_replace(' ', '', $profiledata['user_aim']) . '&message=Hello+Are+you+there?"><img src="http://big.oscar.aol.com/' . str_replace(' ', '', strtolower($profiledata['user_aim'])) . '?on_url='.$images['icon_aim_online'].'&off_url='.$images['icon_aim_offline'].'" alt="' . $lang['AIM'] . '" title="' . $lang['AIM'] . '" border="0" /></a>' : '&nbsp;';
Third I can confirm that this mod works fine on phpBB ver. 2.0.14!
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Post by SirAndrew »

General note to all - This mod will not work correctly if the forum domain is listed in Trusted Sites with IE6 SP2 and WinXP SP2. (This is not to say that the mod is defective in any way)

The reason is that the http call to Oscar.AOL includes referance to the pictures listed on the forum you are viewing. (Example: If online - show forum.com/Online.jpg) This makes IE to think Oscar.AOL is trying to call out a trusted site file.

It took me a while and a little experimation to figure that one out. :twisted:

PS - Mod is working great now after removing my website - www.wruckus.com - and the Yahoo! one started working at the same time.
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Post by shesteasing »

well, i have to say - i installed this mod with easymod and it worked perfect. thanks for making it! :D
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Post by shesteasing »

on the memberlist I put a column for the people who have aim icons but I cannot for the life of me program it so it will show if they are offline or online.

This is in the memberlist_body_tpl which creates the table and works fine:
<table width="100%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1" border="0" class="forumline">
<th height="25" class="thCornerL" nowrap="nowrap">#</th>
<th class="thTop" nowrap="nowrap">&nbsp;</th>
<th class="thTop" nowrap="nowrap">{L_USERNAME}</th>
<th class="thTop" nowrap="nowrap">{L_EMAIL}</th>
<th class="thTop" nowrap="nowrap">{L_FROM}</th>
<th class="thTop" nowrap="nowrap">{L_JOINED}</th>
<th class="thTop" nowrap="nowrap">{L_POSTS}</th>
<th class="thTop" nowrap="nowrap">{L_WEBSITE}</th>
<th class="thCornerR" nowrap="nowrap">AIM</th>
<!-- BEGIN memberrow -->
<td class="{memberrow.ROW_CLASS}" align="center"><span class="gen">&nbsp;{memberrow.ROW_NUMBER}&nbsp;</span></td>
<td class="{memberrow.ROW_CLASS}" align="center">&nbsp;{memberrow.PM_IMG}&nbsp;</td>
<td class="{memberrow.ROW_CLASS}" align="center"><span class="gen"><a href="{memberrow.U_VIEWPROFILE}" class="gen">{memberrow.USERNAME}</a></span></td>
<td class="{memberrow.ROW_CLASS}" align="center" valign="middle">&nbsp;{memberrow.EMAIL_IMG}&nbsp;</td>
<td class="{memberrow.ROW_CLASS}" align="center" valign="middle"><span class="gen">{memberrow.FROM}</span></td>
<td class="{memberrow.ROW_CLASS}" align="center" valign="middle"><span class="gensmall">{memberrow.JOINED}</span></td>
<td class="{memberrow.ROW_CLASS}" align="center" valign="middle"><span class="gen">{memberrow.POSTS}</span></td>
<td class="{memberrow.ROW_CLASS}" align="center"valign="middle"><span class="gen">{memberrow.WWW_IMG}&nbsp;</span></td>
<td class="{memberrow.ROW_CLASS}" align="center">&nbsp;{memberrow.AIM_IMG}&nbsp;</td>
<!-- END memberrow -->

I've tried to change the memberlist PHP to be somewhat like the usercp_viewprofile.php but it doesn't work. what works right now and just shows the aim icon is this:
$aim_img = ( $row['user_aim'] ) ? '<a href="aim:goim?screenname=' . $row['user_aim'] . '&message=Hello+Are+you+there?"><img src="' . $images['icon_aim'] . '" alt="' . $lang['AIM'] . '" title="' . $lang['AIM'] . '" border="0" /></a>' : '&nbsp;';

Can someone please help me with this code? Thanks.
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Post by davron »

I can't see any demo's and obviousbly I can't test all the MODs on my forum,

I would say that all MODs should have demos (iff possible)

well, I guess you do, but there are 10 pages,

can I look @ it please?
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Post by more_fun18 »

FIND FAILED: In file [templates/fisubice/fisubice.cfg] could not find:

$images['icon_quote'] = "$current_template_images/{LANG}/icon_quote.gif";

MOD script line #193 :: FAQ :: Report

Any help ?
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Post by angryhobbit »

I just finished doing all the tasks required for this mod, which I am using the newest version of phpbb, and when I finished uploading all the files and tried going to the forum to test it all I got was a blank page.

No error message, nothing. I just triple checked the codes I entered and made sure I did everything asked.

I do have a few questions. For this code we are suppose to replace...

Code: Select all

$aim_img = ( $privmsg['user_aim'] ) ? '<a href="aim:goim?screenname=' . $privmsg['user_aim'] . '&message=Hello+Are+you+there?"><img src="' . $images['icon_aim'] . '" alt="' . $lang['AIM'] . '" title="' . $lang['AIM'] . '" border="0" /></a>' : '';
There are two of them and what we replace them are two others. but it does not say to remove both of them. I initially removed only the one we are asked to find and after nothing worked I removed the 2nd line.

The second question is that in this line which is repeated three times throughout the mod one of the actual lines of code is commented out.

Code: Select all

    // MOD - AIM ONLINE/OFFLINE - AbelaJohnB
    // $aim_img = ( $privmsg['user_aim'] ) ? '<a href="aim:goim?screenname=' . $privmsg['user_aim'] . '&message=Hello+Are+you+there?"><img src="' . $images['icon_aim'] . '" alt="' . $lang['AIM'] . '" title="' . $lang['AIM'] . '" border="0" /></a>' : '';
    $aim_img = ( $privmsg['user_aim'] ) ? '<a href="aim:goim?screenname=' . $privmsg['user_aim'] . '&message=Hello+Are+you+there?"><img src="http://big.oscar.aol.com/' . $privmsg['user_aim'] . '?on_url='.$images['icon_aim_online'].'&off_url='.$images['icon_aim_offline'].'" alt="' . $lang['AIM'] . '" title="' . $lang['AIM'] . '" border="0" /></a>' : '';
    // MOD - AIM ONLINE/OFFLINE - AbelaJohnB
I initially removed these additonal comments, but now I am going back to add them and see what happens.
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Problem Problem

Post by icedev »

I try ed to install it and I did exact everytning how it is writing on the install read me ,big problem my forum page is now blank,my mistack is I did not make any backups :( so please help me how to fix this

huhh I fixed it I done everything backwards and it is okey now.. never again ...:D
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Works in some browsers, not in others?

Post by HuntingtonRay »

I installed the mod with php 2.0.21. My AIM icon online-offline images work fine in Mac's Safari (2.0.2) browser, but neither icon ever shows up in the Mac's Firefox ( browser - just the ALT text. Dunno about other browsers/platforms yet.

The html source code generated in both browsers is identical:

//big.oscar.aol.com/myname?on_url=http://vmug.org/phpbb/templates/Neon/im ... ffline.gif

Is there is bug in Firefox and not Safari? I would have thought the opposite. Any thoughts? Anyone experience this or have any solutions?

The site:
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Post by Top_Speed »

Besides the Trusted site downfall...

In particular, does it have any effect on page load speed.

Top Speed
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Post by JohnnyMcKinney »

If you look here http://silentkillops.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=54

My AIM icon completly disappeared... It use to show up. I have also been having problems with some other icons not relating to this mod and I was hoping you could help me out. Anyway they are in the profile part here. http://silentkillops.com/phpBB/profile. ... rofile&u=2 I just don't get it I am sorry.

NVM I'll just delete this thing I dont have time to sit around and wait.
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Post by Akilies »

<-- php noob.

I installed the AIM online/offline mod (phpBB2 v 2.0.21) and instead of the icons, it shows "AIM Address"

I replaced the default images that came with the mod with my own to match my template and named them accordingly:

Image - icon_aim_online.gif
Image - icon_aim_online_green.gif
Image - icon_aim_offline.GIF
Image - icon_aim_offline_red.GIF

and as I said, instead of the image, or a broken image for that matter, it shows a link reading "AIM Address
which initiates the "Hello are you there?" message.

Help would be appreciated asap, but no need to rush.
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Post by Akilies »

Fixed. I just changed the coding that came with the mod to include the .gif after the icon_aim_offline/online etc.
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Re: [2.0.8] AIM Online/Offline

Post by Kajitsu »

How do I uninstall this mod?
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