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j t
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Post by j t » Fri Feb 13, 2004 5:29 am

Wow! That was easy. :)


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Post by pkeffect » Thu Feb 26, 2004 11:08 am

Ok I hit Attatch faq link then hit Retrieve File and get this below.


Just for kicks I tried adding a new block and get this error below.

Everything is CHMOD'd correctly.

I also have this problem: That I posted http://www.phpbb.com/phpBB/viewtopic.ph ... 952#982952


I have been working with phpBB for a year or more and have installed many hacks and mods.

Everything is in it's correct dir and CHMOD'd correctly.

For the BBCode Admin link in my ACP i get this:

Code: Select all


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Post by pkeffect » Fri Feb 27, 2004 9:11 pm


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Any chance of adding this?

Post by Theemop » Sun Mar 07, 2004 12:14 pm

I would like to have several FAQ files and be able to have them show up based on group level persmissions. So for example user group "users" might see the default board FAQ when they click the faq button but my user group for "members" would see a totally different FAQ (that I create) when they click on the FAQ button and so on. Basically it would be FAQ's based on group permissions. Any chance of getting something like this or would it be to much work?

I do like this mod very much though. :)

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Post by compukeith » Tue Mar 09, 2004 7:01 am

I love this mod. It's nice to have control over this stuff without having to edit php files.

My only question is this: can someone who has this mod done post a dump of the phpbb_bbcode and phpbb_bbcode_text tables? I got the faq part done because it was pretty easy, but the bbcode part is a nightmare.

Thanks in advance.
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Post by Reling » Thu Mar 11, 2004 3:56 am

I have got this message. What is it?

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_info() in /home/pilieciu/public_html/forum/admin/admin_faq.php on line 69

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Name: Tommy


Post by TommyV » Sun Mar 14, 2004 9:28 am


I have been using this mod, but I'm now having problems with it:

After a move from one server to another I can't get in to the FAQ-section. I get the following error-message:

Code: Select all

Could not query faq entries


SQL Error : 1146 Table 'villuflaeng.FAQ_TABLE' doesn't exist

SELECT faq_id, faq_title FROM FAQ_TABLE WHERE lang_id = 'danish' ORDER BY faq_id

Line : 215
File : /var/www/virtual/villumsen-flaeng/villumsen-flaeng.dk/public_html/phpBB/faq.php
I have tried to remove the tables from mySQL and create them again, but it's still the same. Does anybody have any ideas?


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Warning: message Please Help!!!!

Post by ÑÐÖ£ » Thu Mar 25, 2004 2:56 pm

I get this message on the top od FAQ Admin and BBCode Admin

Code: Select all

Warning: ob_start(): output handler 'ob_gzhandler' cannot be used twice in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Brownings Brewery\WEB SITE\admin\page_header_admin.php on line 44
Everything works as far as I know, but I get this error..

Thanks for any help I get...

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Cannot create template?

Post by hotblue2002 » Sat Mar 27, 2004 9:42 pm

For some reason, I keep running into this error (and it didn't occur with my local machine):

Template->make_filename(): Error - file does not exist

Any ideas?

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Cannot create template error - fixed

Post by hotblue2002 » Sun Mar 28, 2004 11:42 pm

Actually it was a simple problem after all - but it involved two solutions.

Evidently the latest versions of phpbb have a bug that prevents the error message "Cannot create template" from displaying the filename of the missing file - so I patched that using the download from here:


and then discovered that the "admin" files were missing from subBlack (and also probably Charcoal and Cobalt which I also use). Once those were put in place, everything worked well.

It is an EXCELLENT program!

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Post by trend » Thu Apr 01, 2004 8:22 am

Reling wrote: I have got this message. What is it?

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_info() in /home/pilieciu/public_html/forum/admin/admin_faq.php on line 69

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Post by madivad » Sun Apr 11, 2004 4:17 pm

Well, I just wanted to let you know that I love this FAQ editor. So much that I just spent the last hour or so editing the MySQL DB, and all the files within this MOD to create my own custom FAQ.

Much like the BBCode FAQ, I wanted a seperate FAQ for another aspect of my board. It took me a while to get it functional, but now I can edit this FAQ just like I can the other two.

Now I just have to figure out a way of getting my FAQ into the header of the page... Any ideas, they are such a mess, I don't know what I am doing. All I want now is to add FAQ2 which is at faq.php?mode=faq2. Does someone know where I can put it (and no rude suggestions there either :lol:)

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Post by odie3 » Sun Apr 11, 2004 10:39 pm

I lost my Attachment MOD FAQ's. I believe this happened when the fag.php was changed.

I figured there would by a way via the ACP but the install does not pick up the lang_faq_attach.php as a vaild file to install.

Does any one know how to get lang_faq_attach.php back in after using appling this MOD?

Thanks for any help!

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Post by jam161 » Mon Apr 26, 2004 6:40 am

I get this error with the attach faq button:

Warning: main(./../language/lang_english/lang_faq_attach.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/www/purge.worthplaying.com/public_html/phpbb/admin/admin_faq_editor.php on line 160

Warning: main(): Failed opening './../language/lang_english/lang_faq_attach.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/www/purge.worthplaying.com/public_html/phpbb/admin/admin_faq_editor.php on line 160

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Post by murphyz » Wed Apr 28, 2004 8:26 am

Excellent mod. Just a reminder to those spending ages trying to get it to work, you need to open the .mod file in a text editor for the normal 'readme' style doc. Double clicking it (for me) seems to open it in winamp - which is no good at all :).

Soo much easier to make changes now. Thanks.

Edit: just to echo what's been said above - now that I am starting to use it more. It would be great to be able to move categories up and down the list of priority. I added Board Rules and would love them to be at the top.


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