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Re: [2.0.12] Hide BBcode MOD

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:49 am
by globalnoises
IS there a way i could use hide bbcode to make links or other content hidden from users with a less amount of posts than x ?? i use the "hide links mod" that allows me to hide links universaly from users with less than x numbers of posts BUT how about a bbcode that would act like this:

[hide=x]whatever the poster wants to hide[/hide]

and x would be posts count.

So the poster would have the ability to hide his content from other users with lest than x posts on this board. (the x number would be different for every topic and the poster would decide the [hide=x] for every one of his topics)

Is that possible?? I have done a big search but have found nothing. Does anyone knows if i can get a mod like that if i pay?? or at least where i could ask? any opinion that could help me specificaly on this is very appreciated.