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Post by Novagallia »

Robobar wrote:
Blankety Blank Man wrote:Shouldn't using getimagesize allow the code to know whether to resize or not? And wouldn't getimagesize also allow for better scaling of images? something like this:

Code: Select all

$max_width = $board_config['avatar_max_width'];
list($width, $height, $type, $attr) = getimagesize($postrow[$i]['user_avatar']);
if($width < $max_width) {
   $max_width = $width;
$diff = $width / $max_width;
$max_height = $height / $diff;
I tried doing this on my board, but it came up with a permissions error, saying it couldn't access the images, or something like that... which I'm assuming is because of the firewalls I've got on the freehost I'm using... it prevented me from using the ezBoard=>phpBB converter and the SpellingCow Spell Checker as well, so i'm not surprised. I suggest someone else try it and see if they also get permission errors.
PHP getimagesize() documentation

Working fine for me :D

where do you put this code?

I love this mod but my user complain about their small avatars being stretched.
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Post by Novagallia »

I managed to get it to work through trial and error but removed it since it slowed down my pages from loading a lot.

Users will have to cope with their small avatars being stretched because this mod is the best one i found to shrink big avatars so far.
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Post by soulstice »

i jus love it when things just...WORK. :D

thanks for this great mod!!! :)
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Post by wil1978 »

It works at 2.0.19? Not at mine... and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong... if anybody knows about a MOD (for the avatar resize) that works on 2.0.19... :roll:

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Post by net83it »

yes, it is working on my 2.0.19
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Post by djscene »

is there anyway to get it to not allow pictures that have a bigger file size than you have set...
i know a few people have asked this but nobody has really directly replied
thanks in advance... :lol:
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Post by $unny »

I used in 2.0.19

and its work very well

great mod :D
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Post by Shanana »

It works flawlessly for me. Good job.
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Post by reggien »

Works fine for me with 2.0.19 too. :D
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Post by redchili »

Won't work on my clean install of 2.0.19, and I've cleaned the SQL tables as well so that nothing is in the database tables from earlier versions of the board. Sigh. If I install it, once I get to thread level it throws up errors like this, but sometimes naming different files:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /cavaliertalk.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php on line 506

I've tried installing it three times. :cry:
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Post by Kiweed »

sweet for me on 2.0.20 ... dosnt slow up a high traffic board like some ive tried

good call leaving height out .... I only wanted to do the width. thanks for the instructions on changing it if i need to

thanks for ya efforts dude

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Post by crilman »

Simple and effective, exactly what i was looking for.

Installed without problem on 2.0.20 for me
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Post by lifehacker »

Great mod, thanks!
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Post by net83it »

wrong post.
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Post by GurlzLubme »

etncrew wrote:
rknet wrote:With Firefox, my forum keeps scrolling past the point at which the forum ends.

8O I think you're right, I've seen this before on my own forum. It didn't occur to me that it might have to do with my mod, because I've got so many mods installed. I don't know how to solve this right now, but when I or someone else rewrites this mod the way discussed above, it might help.

Has it been "re-written" yet?
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