[2.0.15] Previous & Next topic links on bottom of pa

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Extensions Robot
Extensions Robot
Extensions Robot
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[2.0.15] Previous & Next topic links on bottom of pa

Post by Extensions Robot »

MOD Name: Previous & Next topic links on bottom of page
Author: Lieutenant Clone
MOD Description: Adds "View previous topic :: Topic Title Here :: View next topic" links at the bottom of each page of posts, and replaces the prev/next links at the top with the page number.

MOD Version: 1.0.1

Download File: Previous&Next topic_links_on_bottom_of_page-1.0.1a.mod
mods overview page: View
File Size: 3050 Bytes

Security Score: 0
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Post by TerraFrost »

MOD Validated/Released

Makes small alternations to the viewtopic.php template.
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Post by Night-Haunter »

Works just fine :)
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Post by sebnaboots »

hi great mod, but will it work with 2.0.17!
please tell me it does, be nice, lol no if it does tell me but tell me it cos i siad tell me it does , lol
no but does it work?
Lieutenant Clone
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Post by Lieutenant Clone »

wow 8O I hadent realised this was released :D

To awnser your question:
I belive it should work on any install of PHPBB 2.0.xx. I cannot say for sure as it was built on 2.0.13, but I will try it on a fresh install of 2.0.18 and get back to you
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Post by Shanana »

Does this work with 2.0.19?
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Post by davids2004 »

Shanana wrote: Does this work with 2.0.19?

Works fine on .19
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Post by mode101 »

is there anyway to add a bit more padding/break below the "View previous topic :: Topic Title Here :: View next topic" line?
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