Better integration into a CMS in phpbb 2.2 ?

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Better integration into a CMS in phpbb 2.2 ?

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Hi there

As you're developing a major new release of phpbb and so many professional content management systems (CMS) lack of a very sophisticated forum, it's definitely time to ease the integration of phpbb into these CMS.

What does integration mean?
- phpbb uses the authentication (user & groups) and session management of the CMS
- the phpbb search is integrated into the CMS search engine (provide an interface)

People are trying to copy phpbb for *nuke, xaraya, typo3, ... but there would not be the need to change so much code if phpbb provided the means to ease an integration.

I found the following in the phpBB 2.2 feature list:
Permissions Engine
# OOP based auth permission system
# Simple API for setting and obtaining permissions
# Caching of user permissions
# Ability to add new permission options through simple INSERT (API provided)
# Yes, Unset, No based system, No takes precedent when set
# Greater flexibility than 2.0
# Plug-in authentication modules
# Standard are; DB, LDAP and Apache
# Plug-in structure allows addition of plug-in specific options

How exactly will these features ease the integration into a CMS?
Perhaps you should take a look at G2 (galler 2, sourceforge), they're developing a stand alone application which will integrate into existing portals/CMS/forums quite easy.

cheers - Andy
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go to for questions about phpBB 2.2


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