HELP !!!!!

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HELP !!!!!

Post by chicajin »


We have been using PHPBB2 now for a while and had to change out web hosting to another company. Now, we have a problem that the forum keeps picking up on the old hosting site and not on the new one...... also, some users cannot even pick up the forum.

Do we have to reinstall the software again onto the new web hosting server (we want to keep all the users names etc also the style we created) and don't want to lose any information.

Out new web hoster does have My Sql....... WHAT MUST I DO !!!!!!
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Post by Orange-Crush »

Go to this thread: How to transfer hosts
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Post by Kage Musha »

Upload phpBB2 to your new host. Then upload the back-up you made from the database on the new host.

And plz read this: Development: Battle Mod
Released: PS2 Theme
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