resizing remote image links in sig and posts?

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resizing remote image links in sig and posts?

Post by honest »

Is there a mod that resizes image links in the posts and in the signature?
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Post by Chaos1313 »

What exactly do you mean?


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If you mean #1, use the Force Word Wrapping hack, but it only works in posts as far as I know.

If you mean #2, use the Restrict Images in Signatures hack, which will let you prevent users from using images bigger than limits you specify in the ACP. You can also limit the number of images you want users to be able to have in their signature. Unfortunately, if you allow users to use more than 1 image this cannot prevent users from putting 2 images next to eachother that exceed the single image width limit, which can cause distortion.

If you mean something other than #1 or #2, can you give me an example?
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