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Rate Members (Not rate users by topic)

Post by New-to-PHP-Chick »

I'm wondering if someone could consider PLEASE making a RATE USERS mod that is not specific to Posting. The idea would be a simple rate system 1 to 10 with a NUMBER percent representing their rating (not stars) but the button to rate a user will be on their posts (like profile/email/etc) it will take them to a rate user page and they can rate the user. The users rating will display in their profile. The user can turn off displaying their rating in their profile - and admins can too PER USER.

The reason I make ths request is because all the rate user mods Ive seen are relative to posting and topics not really just a general thing for all users. Im thinking this one could be related to the user table more than anything.

I already have rate topics installed
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Post by Bradman »

Good idea, I'd like to see this too.
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