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Post by onthink »

many thanks to the people here
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Post by wendas »

This is such a great product in every way, not only easy to use, but then allowing me the flexabilty to alter items to met my unique needs..

PLUS... You guys are my main teachers for my learning the PHP language.. I am still not able to code at your level yet, but I have learned alot.. Much better teacher then just reading the dry textbooks...

Keep it going... You are doing a terrific job.
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Post by pianistsk8er »

Yes! Cheers to phpBB for the great software and great community which has helped me with my forum. I didn't make the best debut here, since I knew nothing about phpBB, but now I really enjoy it here. If I weren't always so busy, I might actually give a bit of advice out of my small, bit of intelligence I have towards this software. ;)

Anyways, thanks to the developers, MOD creaters, support team and anyone else out there who has helped me. :)
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Post by kazmughal »

Thankyou to the phpBB Group for everything they have done
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Post by T1Cybernetic »

Im a new user and already got a basic setup of my forum up and running in less than an hour so that in
itself says alot ;) Great software great help and support great people so far, so i say a big thank you to everyone
involved in making this great software and especialy making it free to everyone, Thank you :mrgreen: ...

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Amazing product.

Post by sanjaykattimani »

Thanks for keepig this amazing product free and making it available to millions. Great product :) i have integrated phpBB with two sites so far and it worked without any problem.
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Post by »

thanks to Darkmonkey for his continued work on his rgp plus sure it will be the best forum rgp in existance once its done
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Post by Jaffery »

HI.. guys..

Thank you all for this all stuff..

I am really sticked ot it ! D :D
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Post by SillySprout »

Thanks to CyberAlien who put me onto his Morpheus theme. Thankfully my forum now matches the colour schemes used on my website. I did thank him in the topic where he linked me, but it seems to have been deleted for one reason or another. :?

Of course I should thank the guys who made the phpbb thingy too. I've been using it for so long on various websites it would be rude not to.
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Post by Dynamix »

The designers of phpBB do not get as much "thank you's" as they deserve.

I cannot put in words on an expression-less message board application how truly thankful I am for phpBB and all of the help they provide. Overall, phpBB is one of the leading message board systems out there. It's very user-friendly, it has a very easy-to-edit interface, and it's just got unlimited possibilities.

Installing and running phpBB makes eating cereal look difficult. It's so simple, whenever there's an error, the thing practically fixes itself.

In addition, the support team here is very active and so very helpful. I wish that they had the time to read everything everyone has good to say, instead of getting bug reports and errors.

People are quite impatient sometimes. They would come on here with their first post, asking for help, and if the support team doesn't help them in the way that they wanted to he helped, then automatically the Support Team here are very unhelpful and useless. Although, it seems to be a different story with me. 97 - 99% of the time, the support team helps me fix a problem, and they treat me like I'm the only member of the site.

Running a well-maintained website with a healthy amount of people on it is a full-time-job. I get on my site after just an hour, and I have over 85 new posts to read- and I have to read them to make sure no one is breaking the site rules. Here, it's different. In an hour on average, I'd guess just near 1,250+ new posts arrive. If not, I will be damned.

I currently only have 140 people on my site, and it's quite tough, I must admit. But here, with 140990 members at this time? It's a miracle the people that are on the support team/mod here even have lives. Do you people actually go out to restaurants, etc? And as I've said before, it's a full time job.

In addition to this full time job, the support team and moderators volunteer here and help all the time. They don't even get paid. How do you do it?

Many people also presume that when they come on this site and ask for support, that the support team HAS TO answer their question immediately-with no hesitation. In addition to that, they assume that they know the exact answer. These guys are good, but they're only human. As said before, I get what I want from you guys 97 - 99% of the time.

And finally, I could not have created such a brilliant and beautiful website without the help and support I've recieved here. At least to me, I have a good website, but to everyone else it might be different.

Deepest thank you's to all of the support team, moderators, administrators, and anyone else that works here. I really appreciate all of your work and effort. Stand up and take a bow!

- Dynamix
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Post by Disposer »

I would like to also thank everyone involved in phpBB. I really appreciate the features of the forum and how easy it is to install and administer. The quick support I got when I needed help was also very much appreciated. Well done gang and thank you!
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Post by ace2ace »

I tried to install forum on web pages before. I could never get them not to crash. So I gave up until a couple of weeks ago, I found phpBB.
It works. And there is always help.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally have a message board that works 24/7.
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Post by secret1980 »

yeah really thanx guyz..
u made me a happy guy with my board ..
any no. of thanx would not be sufficient... :D
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Post by calidude »

I want to thank phpBB for being here. I am going to convert my IPB forums to phpBB after what happened yesterday over there and if it wasn't for you guys I would have nowhere to turn. Be expecting a donation from me at my earliest convenience. I also am a member of a phpBB forum that has over 5000 members and nearly 600,000 posts; so I kind of know how things work on phpBB forums.

Again thank you to the entire phpBB team for being here. I would be lost without you! :)
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Post by strobe »

Cheers - o - cheers - o - cheers cheers cheers - if the team lived close I would buy you all free beers.
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